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Could be better

I thought the idea was good, but the flash could use some work. For one, it moved pretty slow, which made it hard to watch. Simply shortening the breaks a little would help that. Also, while the sprite work was pretty good, the graphics weren't anything too special. Also, there needs to be at least some sort of sound when the characters are talking, even if it is just some sort of background music. The times when there was no sound really made it more boring.

Overall, good start, and hopefully we'll see something better next time!

Paradox responds:

At first the frame rate was a little higher, but it looked a bit shitty, so I lowered it to the best looking frame rate. I know it looks a little slow, but it took a lot of fixing everything to cause it to work as well as it does.

I was going to add more sound and interactivity too, but it was overally too much of a process each and every time, so I didn't bother. Maybe if I make a second one, I'll put a little more effort into things like that. But that all depends on what kind of reviews and feedback I get from this first one.

Thanks for the review! :)

Good, but needs improvement

This was a pretty good flash. Contrary to what the last reviewer said, I think your models are actually quite well-done. However, there are some other issues you need to fix.

One is framerate, as others have said. Your movie should flow smoothly, with something like 15 fps being minimum and about 25 being optimal. That's a lot of work, but it would greatly improve the end results.

Another simple thing you can do to improve the movie is to make the camera more steady. Whether this means buying a tripod (mini tripods aren't too expensive) or rigging something up (set the camera on some books or a box, or something like that) it would greatly improve the quality.

I agree with the last reviewer that you should try to find someone else to help with voices, so that there is more variety.

Also, you could try making the intro a little more interesting, and make the music flow better. The guitar-playing shouldn't have stopped during the title screen, but rather have gone on playing through that whole section, for example.

If it is worth it to you, it would be nice to see your animations captured with a better camer, also, and your audio captured with a better mic.

There's a lot of potential here for some really good claymation, so keep up the good work and I'll be watching for another from you!

RayzTheDude responds:

That true, but I was using a $14 digital camera from Walmart since I don't have any money. I tried fixing the problem by putting clay on the camera so it doesnt move as much.

This is why they made YTMND

No, on second thought, this is why they made the Recycle Bin.

W-P-S responds:

I don't give a fuck, really

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Awesome, some improvements needed.

(an 8 is a good score from me)

I love this game. I am totally addicted, and will not be able to stop until I finish (somehow). I have been able to make it all the way up to 93 (using skips). This is really creative, and reminds me of Wario Ware.

That being said, it isn't perfect. I agree with others who have said there should be some sort of save state or password system so you don't have to go all the way back through every time. For the next one, I would also like to see use of the keyboard (making it oh so much harder). Other than that, good job, and I'll be waiting for the sequel.

Pretty generic platformer

This was a decent flash, but I didn't get much enjoyment out of it. There was nothing even remotely original about it, and it contained only the most basic of elements. It also had pretty slow controls that made it unnecessarily difficult. I would have liked to see some variety in what the buttons did, rather than just "Press the red button, open the red door!" It was very predictable, and frankly rather boring.

Despite my criticisms, good start, and I'll be looking for Mr. Ball II!

Suggestions for a sequel...

This game was great. It was fun and addicting, and I stayed up all night playing. However, I do have some suggestions for a sequel, which I hope you consider.

1. Multiplayer - this would be awesome!!!
2. A couple new weapons, including something rapid-fire and maybe a spread-shot (three arrows shoot out instead of 2)
3. The sound was good, except for the music. It was on way too short of a loop, and got old really fast. I would suggest using better music.

Loved the game, and am looking forward to a sequel!

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